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When it comes to content volume strategy, each brand seems to have its own approach. The content environment has changed, and also the approaches that marketers use to make content volume. One of the biggest challenges is thinking beyond the binary construct of quality versus quantity.

Many marketers think of this debate in terms of contrast, when, in fact, the two aren’t mutually exclusive at all. Quality versus quantity isn’t the question. Organizations need to ask how to create the volume of content they need at the quality levels that their audiences demand. The answer is: Create an infrastructure and then scale it as you grow more confident.

– Start with a minimum velocity to achieve your goals, and set the stage to scale

– Have a vision

– Win by focusing on execution and then continually refining your strategy.

– With a focus on quality, measure your progress, and continually refine

Balancing quality and quantity is not only possible, it’s happening every day, and it’s the best road forward to achieve your content marketing goals. CONTACT ME IF YOU NEED MORE ADVICES!


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